Bike shops have been around for decades. Despite the fact that everything around is getting automated and digitalized, the popularity of bikes is growing in the last few years. This is good news for all bike shop owners. However, the competition is fierce and if you own a shop like this, you have to find different ways to stand out from the crowd. One of these ways is to use the best POS software solution you can find.

There is no doubt that the Point of Sale system you use must be as good as the bikes found in your store’s offer. After all, you can attract modern customers only with great quality. So, if you want to use a POS system like this, you should take Shopify POS. According to the developers, this solution will provide outstanding checkout experience as well as a flawless system for inventory management.

All you have to do is to take the product, ask the customer to swipe their car, wait for the printer to print the receipt and your offline and online inventory will be synchronized automatically. Thanks to Shopify POS, you will get an opportunity to manage offline and online inventory and keep them synced. At the same time, you will handle the orders and customers from one place. If you make an order, Shopify will send the hardware that you can use in your bike shop. After that, you will have to download their free mobile application for iPads and you can get started. You probably won’t find a POS solution that is as simple as Shopify POS.

When it comes to compatibility, cash drawers, scanners, stands, printers and other pieces of hardware are compatible with Shopify POS. On top of that, Shopify POS works perfectly well with almost every credit card readers. This means that you can use it to accept Amex, MasterCard and Visa cards. Additionally, users can create custom payment options like split tenders or debit cards.

As previously mentioned, one of the greatest things about Shopify POS is that it uses one dashboard to handle your online/retail store. Use the dashboard to monitor and analyze sales and customers in your online or brick and mortar store. By using this information, you will get a chance to grow and expand your business.

Shopify POS is inexpensive POS system that definitely deserves your attention.